Stride Briefing: First Edition

Since its launch on September 4th, Stride has been expanding at a rapid rate. With so many tokens, liquidity pools, and partnerships - it’s hard to keep up! That’s why we’re introducing the Stride Briefing. On a weekly basis, we’ll provide a concise briefing to update users on recent notable happenings, up-coming changes, and provide a summary of Stride’s liquidity pools. The Stride Briefing will also serve to get new-comers up to speed.

Let’s go!

What is Stride?

Stride is a Cosmos-wide liquid staking provider. Using Stride’s liquid staking, you can earn staking rewards from Cosmos proof-of-stake tokens without having to stake them in the traditional way. Since your tokens remain liquid, you can deploy them in DeFi. You no longer have to choose between staking yield and DeFi yield. Thanks to Stride, you can have both at once.

Tokens supported: ATOM, JUNO, STARS, (OSMO support coming on October 29th)

Have questions? Check out Stride’s thorough FAQ, or join the Stride Discord.

Notable Happenings from the last week

Astroport forum discussion on bringing stATOM to Terra
-Community discussion on setting up an stATOM pool on Astroport

-Possibility of dual incentives, ASTRO and STRD

Stride founders interviewed on Confident in Crypto
-Long-form conversation about many aspects of Stride

Stride community call on Twitter Spaces
-A discussion with the Stride community

Stride and Comdex call on Twitter Spaces
-A discussion on the coming introduction of stATOM to Comdex

Up-coming things to look forward to

In the coming days, the Stride blockchain will receive its first upgrade. This will add Ledger functionality to the Stride web application. Additionally, it will enable Stride governance to curate Stride’s host-chain validator sets.

On October 29th, Stride will on-board Osmosis, and stOSMO will be launched. On the same date, an incentivized OSMO/stOSMO liquidity pool will be available on Osmosis.

Stride Liquidity Pools Statistics

In order to be useful to DeFi applications, Stride’s stTokens need deep liquidity. Liquidity is incentivized with STRD and OSMO. To provide guidance on future use of incentives, Stride can guarantee that the stATOM pool will continue to be incentivized at the same or a higher daily STRD rate for at least the next year.

Data current as of October 19th, 14:00 UTC

*Note: total APR includes incentives, swap fees, and staking rewards earned by the stToken side of the pool.

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