Stride Mainnet Coverage of Tokens & Networks in the Cosmos Ecosystem

With the successful launch of our public testnet behind us and over 100 validators up and running as of today, July 7th, we’re excited to announce Stride’s plans for our mainnet launch in July. On the PoolParty testnet, we support liquid staking stATOM, but Stride’s vision is much broader: we aim to provide liquid staking for all chains in the Cosmos ecosystem. The process to onboard new chains is simple; anyone can propose onboarding a new chain through a governance vote, which will automatically onboard the new chain if passed.

At launch, we are prioritizing the largest Cosmos chains: we’ll launch with ATOM and 1-2 other high volume Cosmos chains. After launch, we plan on rapidly expanding our reach throughout the Cosmos ecosystem. The chains and tokens that we plan to onboard later this year are:

Top Priority:

Cosmos Hub (stATOM), Juno (stJUNO), Secret (stSCRT), Osmosis (stOSMO), Kava (stKAVA), Oasis (stROSE), Axelar (stAXL), Akash (stAKT), Evmos (stEVMOS), Injective (stINJ), Regen (stREGEN), Sommelier (stSOMM), Band (stBAND), dYdX (stDYDX), Terra V2 (stLUNA), Stargaze (stSTARS), Umee (stUMEE), Near (stNEAR)*

Coming Soon:

Kujira (stKUJI), E-Money (stNGM), Crypto.Org (stCRO), Comdex (stCMDX), Sifchain (stEROWAN), Crescent Network (stCRE), MediBloc (stMED), Persistence (stXPRT), Iris (stIRIS), AssetMantle (stMNTL), Sentinel (stDVPN), BitSong (stBTSG), Cheqd (stCHEQ), Chihuahua (stHUAHUA), KiChain (stXKI), Ixo (stIXO), Microtick (stTICK), Fetch.Ai (stFET), Konstellation (stDARC), Desmos (stDSM), Bitcanna (stBCNA), Lum Network (stLUM), Bostrom (stBOOT), Likecoin (stLIKE), Dig Chain (stDIG), RiZON (stATOLO), OmniFlix (stFLIX), Decentr (stDEC), Vidulum (stVDL), Altered Carbon (stACB), Shentu (stCTK), and others.

Many more tokens will launch in the cosmos ecosystem over the coming months and years. Stride plans to support all IBCv3-compatible tokens as “st”-Tokens.

*pending IBC integration